New version of Google Mobile App for iPhone in the App Store

Hello, iPhone users! We have just received the good news that our new version of Google Mobile App for iPhone was approved and is now available on in the App Store everywhere.

In this version, we have a redesigned search results display that shows more results at once and, more importantly, opens web pages from the results within the app. This will get you to what you need faster, which is always our goal at Google.

For those less utilitarian and more flamboyant, we've exposed our visual tweaks settings called 'Bells and Whistles' - some of our users had discovered this already in previous versions. You can style your Google Mobile App in any shade: red, taupe, or even heliotrope. If you're on a faster iPhone, like the iPhone 3GS, you may want to try the live waveform setting which turns on, as the name suggests, a moving waveform when you search by voice.

On the subject of searching by voice, you can now choose your spoken language or accent. For example, if you're Australian but live in London, you can improve the recognition accuracy by selecting Australian in the Voice Search settings. And now both Mandarin and Japanese are supported languages as well.

If you don't have Google Mobile App yet, download it from the App Store or read more about it. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to join in on our support forums or suggest ideas in our Mobile Products Ideas page. You can also follow us on Twitter @googlemobileapp.

My Unique iPhone Personal Buddha Chanting App

Buddhist chanting machines are small, portable sound machines that are sold or given out at Buddhist Temples or shops selling Buddhist religious products. They usually contain a number of different Buddhist chants. They are intended for use when you just wanted to chant/meditate on the go or even place at home to listen to.

Each box usually contains either two or more chants, they particularly contain, 'Amituofo' & 'Namo Amituofo' (Chinese for Amitabha Buddha.)

Being Buddhist myself, I was very excited to find that it is possible to have these Buddhist chanting machines on your iPhone :)

Here's a screen shot:
iPhone App chanting Buddha songs

When I am angry or just need a peace of mind, I switch on and listen to it and close my eyes and try to relax....

How should I use my iPhone for Travel

Back almost 1 year back, I did my Hong Kong notes on a note book which was really useful then. See this blog post. It was an amazing tool (the little black book) that made sure I got to everywhere, some of which are written in this blog.

I am a person who will DIE not knowing what I am going to do each day of travel, when I am doing what, the exact way (researched in advance) on how to get there, what to eat etc. I am the worst travel partner in the world (in this regard) and hence my best friend will NEVER travel with me. He has done it once and decided that I am the worst ever :)

So in any case, in Jan 2010, I am off to Hong Kong again. Although I am familiar now with the place and also I will still bring the little black book (for emergency), I also now have an iPhone that I will be using as my travel notebook.

New York Times today recommended Gliider in its article but after trying it out, I am not impressed. I need more than a Firefox plug in as well as synchronization with iPhone.

So here I am back to the drawing boards.

Here's my plan.

iPhone apps: I have downloaded a few apps and will continue to find more. For example, HKMetroLite for Hong Kong MTR maps, Everlater for travel blogging via iPhone.

Evernote and Dropbox: To replace the black book and use it to capture all the travel information (e.g air tickets, hotel confirmation, bus travel plans, maps) etc.

I also have another problem. I want to be able to get the GPS coordinates of the photos I will be taking with my Canon camera but not willing to spend money to buy a GPS tool. I wonder if there are any good iPhone apps that I can use to capture just 1 shot (and hence capture the location) and use it as a reference later to update my photos with the correct EXIF information on the GPS location of my photos.

Lots to think !

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