5th Generation Apple iPod Nano Reviews

Apple introduced its improved version of iPod Nano, the 5th Generation. The Apple iPods are best known for its audio quality and performance. Earlier Apple give importance only to the Audio functions and now they are changing their attitude and adding more features to the iPods. Here Tech World is reviewing the latest 5th Generation iPod Nano Features and Functions.

The major additions to the new Ipod Nano is the inbuilt Camera, FM Radio, Pedometer and VoiceOver feature. These features make the new Ipod Nano 5th generation more popular than ever as there were many camplaints from the iPod Users about the lack of FM Radio. The design looks similar to the previous models and the display screen got more longer size about 2.2 inch.

The main things make the iPod Nano stronger are its inbuilt camera, Best Audio Quality, slim and light design, FM radio with Live Pause, pedometer function, built-in loudspeaker, voiceover feature and its better battery life. The iPod Nano offers a battery life of 24 hours continous Audio playback and 5 hours of Video Playback.

The major disadvantages about the new Apple iPod Nano noticed are poor display quality(When compare with other mediaplayers), camera does not capture still images, click wheel not very accurate at times. Overall the iPod Nano is in the best position with the functions and Features and this time no one can compain about the new iPod nano.

The iPod Nano fifth generation player comes in seven different colours - silver, charcoal, purple, blue, green, orange and pink. Also it will be available in 2 models - 8GB and 16 GB. The new iPod nano are priced at Rs. 9,400 for the 8 GB model while the 16GB Apple iPod Nano will be available at a price of Rs. 11,200.

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