Do Apple iPod headphones go well in the wash??

I thought I'd test a little theory of mine that not all electronic goods die in water!

To do this I had to set up a little experiment. I carefully and accidently placed a pair of Apple iPod headphones into the left rear pocket of my cycling jersey. I then placed this top into the washing basket.

22 minutes into the experiment my wife extracted the top (and other soiled items) from the basket and placed them in the washing machine. I had earlier switched the machine to 'max water use' just to firm up any results.

Note to all greenies that I collected all waste water so you are free to come over anytime and shower in it before I tip onto the olive trees out the back.

After some time spent waiting for our ultra slow front loader I removed the jersey and subsequently extracted the headphones. At this point I noted how shiny and new they looked.

I then plugged one end into the iPod and the other into my ears. At this point, I kid you not, my wife took 2 steps back. Was my head about to explode???

I confidently pressed play and instantly my head was filled with the uber cool tunes of Stickshifts and Safetybelts

There you have it!

Blog Thingy.: Do Apple iPod headphones go well in the wash??
May 22, 2009 Do Apple iPod headphones go well in the wash?? I thought I'd test a little theory of mine that not all electronic goods die in water! To do

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Well I had my earbuds go through the wash. All they do for earphones are request it from or go to get new headphones, the one that come with the ipod are lame, and they suck as well. but my headphones

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The device comes with some immediate drawbacks as well: First, Not to mention that Ipod headphones are never anything high end. and when the earphones go (like they normally do from normal wear and tear), I see this gimmick being thrown in the washing machine along with the clothes.

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Charge on the go with the optional Apple USB power adapter. The included headphones, like for all iPods are pretty awful and do not stay in your ears when As for those who question the sound quality, well I load less tunes on mine but at 320kbps Mine has just survived a trip round the washing machine.

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Note: Products sold through this website that do not bear the Apple Brand name are Well i was out looking for a new pair of headphones and i decided i would try I like the asymmetric wire so that they go behind my head. accidentally went thru the wash after my only day of using them and they survived,