NEW ipod shuffle!

I have always looked down on an ipod shuffle. However, with this new shuffle, which actually TALKS to you! yes, It Talks! hmm. maybe I should stop looking down on it.

oh! but i still have one little problem with it. It looks like a lighter. Those lighters for cool and rich smokers, who smokes cigar instead of smelly things. Not that i am against lighters or anything along those lines, i just feel that there is some similarities between the two.

Apple has seriously decided to go buttons free once again! as you can see, there are no buttons on the shuffle itself. Nothing to press, replaced by something to slide(on top). Sleek move!

Read more about it here. Do watch the guiided tour too! (:
* one thing to note. I assume it that works only with the Apple earphones that are included. No chance of plugging in your favourite Sennheiser ): (Watch the guided tour to learn why.)

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11 Mar 2009 ha ha look at the advert they should have created: NO FING BUTTONS lol

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