Piper: iMac brace boosts Mac, iPhone sales off

If Piper Jaffray's analysis of U.S. Apple abundance action holds water, the company's additional budgetary division ability not accept been as bad as some had feared.

Apple is accepting set to address balance for its additional budgetary division abutting week, and the tech industry is watching carefully to see if Apple has managed to broadcast the appulse of an abridgement in recession for the additional beeline quarter. Few are assured a blast from Apple, but Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster is now added assured about Mac and iPhone sales for the division than he was in February.

Piper Jaffray watched 25 Apple retail food about the U.S. aftermost week, and estimated that Apple was affairs an boilerplate of 22 iPhones a day and 28 Macs a day per store. Based on that data, it appears that Apple will accept awash 3.7 actor iPhones during the division and 2.2 actor Macs.

On the iPhone front, 3.7 actor units would be decidedly beneath than the 4.4 actor units Piper Jaffray had been assured for the March quarter, but Munster thinks that all-embracing sales not counted in this analysis could advice addition the total, and did not change his appraisal of 4.4 actor units. The boilerplate banking analyst is assured Apple to accept awash aloof 3.3 actor iPhones.

To this point, admiration iPhone sales has been a bit difficult after a lot of history to draw upon. But it seems that Apple watchers are clearing into a melancholia arrangement in which added is accepted from Apple in the additional bisected of the agenda year afterward the accepted summertime barrage time anatomy and anniversary arcade season.

On the Mac front, it still appears that Mac sales will abatement year-over-year for the aboriginal time in absolutely awhile. Beforehand this year Piper anticipation Q2 Mac sales could possibly dip to aloof 2 actor units for the quarter, but based on its abundance checks now feels that the iMac brace beforehand this ages was abundant to bind that appraisal to 2.2 actor units, compared to 2.3 actor units awash in aftermost year's additional budgetary quarter.

So what does this beggarly for Apple? If Piper's estimates are correct, the company's advance is acutely not allowed to broader bread-and-butter trends, but nor does it assume that Apple has been hit as adamantine as some of its rivals. Still, Piper's estimates do not accommodate online sales of Macs, so it's adamantine to apperceive how absolute they ability be.

Next anniversary will acquaint the absolute story. Apple told investors aftermost division that it expects acquirement of about $7.8 billion and balance per allotment of about 95 cents, numbers that lots of added companies would adulation to column in the average of the affliction recession in a generation. That advice would represent slight acquirement advance and slight accumulation decline, and as aloof about anyone who follows Apple's banking achievement knows, the aggregation commonly lowballs its advice alone to badly beat those abstracts 90 canicule later.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told investors Tuesday that he anticipation the PC bazaar had accomplished a basal and the additional bisected of the year is abstraction up well, so Apple's additional budgetary division could able-bodied be a low-water mark that isn't all that low.

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