TGIF and Ipod Touch

Wow, it has been one of those weeks where I'm glad that it is almost over. Pokerwise, I wish it could keep on going; but that's ok.

The hand yesterday, There are just too many hands that really dominate me. At the same time, there are some hands that would call me. At the end of the day, I folded again for alot of the same reasons as yesterday. I was given the business by some poker buddies so let me throw this out here.

How much positive EV are you willing to give up to have some positive mental EV? First, let me say that I don't necessarily tilt. I may throw something or yell; but for the most part, I am back to normal the next hand. Or am I? I was reading Short Stack Shamus where he referenced passive tilt and I think I am positively guilty of that. So here is the thing. I think I am ok with giving up some EV on some hero type calls or 'correct' plays to save me some EV from things like passive tilt ( which is a reference from Matthew Hilger's Poker Mindset Book which I would really like to read). We'll see how it goes.


So, I have a few Fult Tilt Points and I think I am finally going to use them. I may buy the above referenced book; but I do know of one thing that I am going to buy..... a 32 gig iPod Touch. Does anybody have one of these? Of course, I will sacrificing some rakeback money; but it would be nice to see something tangible for my poker playing. I've even asked Mrs Wonka to take a look at the various site's Points Stores.

So, anybody with any iPod Touch experience, tell me some of the good apps out there. I have a little 4 gig nano; but I think comparing the two is apples to oranges. I'm looking forward to playing around with it.

Have a good weekend!!!

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