THE iPhone

Ok its been a while since my last blog. I need to be more consistant on here I know. So anyways. I think it fitting since the last time I blogged I purchased an IPhone to write about it. Let me say this, It changed my life completley. I believe it has taken the smart phone industry to a whole new level and will continue to change the way we live. Convienence is becoming a driving force behind products today. With life speeding up with the growth of technology its imparative that we get things done fast. Even when its the littlest thing like making sure our favorite show is recording on our DVR at home. Soon everything will be at our fingertips. We will be able to make sure the dog is fed at home, the alarm is set, iron is off, lights are turned off, etc. All these things are available now but only to those that can afford the sophisticated home computers. Soon it will be available to the average consumer. Its rather exciting to think of it all. Of course security will be an issue like most new things. I just cant wait to see how fast it all grows in the next 10-15 years.

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