To Blackberry or iPhone

As I often talk about on this blog, my life has gotten significantly more busy since I started school, especially since my job itself has gotten busier than usual. So even though I had to get a new phone recently (my completely died), I've been debating investing in a blackberry or iphone. I'm really beginning to think the extra cost each month would be worth it.

So here are my issues:
  • I would either have to pay a cancellation fee to get out of my current provider if I wanted an iphone, or
  • If I got a blackberry with my current provider, I would have to pay full price.
Either way it looks like it would be expensive. There are guides online that teach you how to get out of a contract without paying the fee and I could always ask at&t to do it, but there is no guarantee that any of that is going to work. I have no idea how to get a new phone at a discount if I just got a new phone.

Suggestions anyone?

Photo by William Hook

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