iPhone 3.0 Features

After a mammoth 2.14Gb download, the iPhone 3.0 SDK beta finally landed on my Mac.

I'm not taking any chances installing it on my iPhone yet, but there didn't seem to be any problem running the simulator in 3.0 alongside 2.2.1.

On the surface, things seem like business as usual. The one major thing you notice is the new Search function of the homepage.

You now get a little magnifying glass icon on the main screen:

Swiping the screen left gives you a search box. Weirdly, this only seems to search the installed applications. I had assumed that it would be similar to the search widget on Android, whereby you can search Google straight from your homescreen. Certainly this doesn't seem to be the case for the simulator anyway, we'll see when I get it running on a phone.

With over 1000 new API's there are clearly some major new things going on with iPhone 3.0. To get you ready for the change, Apple have created some good documentation about ensuring backwards and forwards compatability with your apps. Log into the iPhone developer center and check them out.

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